A Bush Flip-Flop-A-Day Keeps the Talking Heads Away*

* Busy trashing Kerry as the flip-flopper

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Bush in 2000: "It's time to elect people who say what they mean and mean what they say when they tell the American people something."..."I think that people need to be held responsible for the actions they take in life." 
Bush in 2002
: "In the midst of tough times I don't need people around me who are not steady." 
Bush in 2004
: "My opponent clearly has strong beliefs -- they just don't last very long." 

Bush in 2004
: "You need somebody who's going to do what he says he's going to do" 
Bush in 2004
: "Senator Kerry flip-flops"

(Sorry - I ran out of time to cover a bunch more in my inbox!)

Topic Number of Bush Flip-Flops URL
National InSecurity 34 Link
Iraq 41 Link
Other Foreign Policy 20 Link
Economy 32 Link
Trade 7 Link
Education 6 Link
Healthcare 4 Link
Environment 3 Link
Energy 3 Link
Politics 10 Link
Various Policy Topics 4 Link
Other/General Topics 8 Link


Welcome to Bush FlipFlops at Compassiongate! 

This is a pet project (subdomain) of Compassiongate, where I document President George W. Bush's flipflops, just for fun. Hopefully, for you the reader, this page will be a window into the moral clarity and compassionate conservatism of our Dear Leader and his sheep (especially those compassionate talking-heads on TV and radio) . 

Please pick a topic from the menu above to start enjoying the flip-flopping. You can bet that, Bush being the tough competitor that he is, easily overwhelms Senator Kerry in the area of flip-flopping. 

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